Sunday, June 4, 2017

Future plans

Since we built our chicken coop we have raised some ducks. Our cow Hershey has had a calf, It's a female. We have some chicks but we need much more. For the production of eggs we would like to have 15 chickens. Right now we are getting duck eggs which are great but higher in cholesterol. We still want rabbits but we need to build housing for them. We recently discussed getting guinea pigs. I read that they keep rats at bay. That is vital to our poultry upkeep. We will soon be working on fencing in and sectioning off all our animals. Then we can start to plant on a wider scale. We have had some of our animals eat fruit trees and herbs that we were growing in the past. We are learning as we go and since we are both from the suburbs and really don't know except from books what to do; we will be learning a lot from trial and error. If anyone reading our blog learns from our mistakes then writing this blog is worth it. We recently. Herd about WWOOFERS this is an organization that sends volunteers to help with your organic farm. They come from all over the world and work for room and board. So we will be registering for that online.  I will be posting pics soon. In the meantime have a great summer.

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