Friday, June 27, 2014

Plants, plants, plants

Hey everybody! We just bought a whole bunch of seeds and saplings as well as some mature plants to put in the ground. The varieties range from, Tamarindo (Tamarind) tree, three cherry trees, Guanabana (sour sop) tree, 2 large Tahitti Lemon trees, two cocoa trees, four orange trees, from seeds we bought cilantro Ajies Dulces (sweet peppers), Calabasas (squash),  white beans, black eye peas, Parchas (passion fruit) and Guandules (pigeon peas). Now we are making some grow beds and getting some areas ready for planting. It's so exciting. Now all we need is some rain. It has been too dry here. We're trying to develope an irrigation system so we don't lose any of our crops. We need to purchase a pump to get the water where it needs to go. Everything is in the works. My jewelry business is coming along. Taking photos today to post on Next I need to make a blog. or a website. prepared my order forms for print this morning and will be ordering some more supplies soon. It seems like it's going to be a hot one today so down to the river we will go. :) Till next time. Bye!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

This years river photos.

It's Summer!

Summer is here!!!! Yay!!!!! We have had great weather and have been enjoying the river. We had to find a new spot this year because there was little rain this year and our old spot is very shallow. We found a great place with pools to swim and dive. We even found a great spot to hang both our hammocks. I can always chase my cares away at the river. It just makes me feel so blessed. I started selling Jewelry recently with the help of my mom and it is fun. The kids have been making their own jewelry for beach goers and little girls. They enjoy the activity. They can't wait to go to the beach and sell some. Maybe we will go soon, The 4th of July is coming. The hubby's Birthday is on the same day. So we will be making a trip to the beach within the next two weeks. The plantains are growing nicely. Now we need to plant the peppers. For the first year since we have lived on this farm our Mango trees are giving us fruit. I love them, next to watermelon it is my favorite fruit. We will plant more of those. My husband picked a ripe papaya of one of our trees today. Cool! We also planted Pigeon peas, a few rows of them. This farm is coming along great. I love it!!!!!