Saturday, November 15, 2014

Feeling at home.

The beds are all set up and picture perfect. I even put the plaque up on the wall our church honored us with this summer. I was really surprised to get it and I was truly honored and felt the love.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Move

Hey it's been a while!!!! Lot's going on around here. We moved to a new house on our farm and the old one we plan to turn into a business. A wood shop or my farm stand. Although it is away from the road I might be able to make the store work. If I find that it doesn't, it will be my husbands workshop. It is a very nice house and it is bigger. My kids have grown to big for the other house. My daughter just turned 7 and in the old house (a small two bedroom) she was still in her crib and sleeping in my room with my husband and I. The boys all shared one room with a bunk bed. The twins sharing one bunk. My oldest Jean-Luc was on the top bunk. Now we have three bedrooms and the rooms are pretty big. My daughter has bunk beds I found second hand for a steal. My son Jean-Luc was given a bed with frame, foot board and headboard.  So things are coming along nicely.The boys will each have their own bed and no more crib for Naomi. I love my new home and I will post pics.

In our new house harvesting white beans. My new desk for home schooling that I absolutely love. Bedroom pics coming soon.