Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Flowing River farm Mission statement

To provide food in a community which relies heavily on imported foods from other countries and other parts of the Island. We are located in the mountains in Puerto Rico and there are not enough farms growing food here. If a disaster were to happen we are at risk of not being able to get food into our town. The issue is one that needs a tremendous amount of attention from the government both local and state. Permaculture not only is a way to produce food in abundance it preserves the natural environment around us and promotes good soil. Permaculture could solve the mountains problems with landslides and save us from droughts in very dry seasons. We believe with all our hearts that God wants us to care for the earth and care for each other. Based on Genesis 1:28 Where he gives us the earth to have dominion over it , and When Jesus said to peter in John 21:15-17 to feed and tend his lambs/sheep. We believe that this is as much natural food as it is spiritual food. Just as Jesus himself fed the people both spiritually and naturally Matthew 15:29-38. We hope to be pleasing to God in all we do by honoring him in our business.